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Is PLR Still Viable?

Iíve heard so many people claiming that PLR is dead, and that you canít make money with PLR anymore.

They say that all PLR is horrible quality, and that youíre wasting money if you buy it.

They say itís all written by people whose first language isnít English, and that a lot of it is spun or stolen.

But most of those people saying that are broke or close to it. They arenít making money, so they think it canít be done.

Actually, buying rights from other people is still a very viable business model. In fact, it can be even more profitable these days, because PLR has grown so competitive that the quality has increased drastically overall, and thereís less competition for the people who buy it, because so many people seem to think PLR doesnít work anymore.

Of course, you canít just buy a PLR package, slap it up as-is, and expect the money to start rolling in.

That never really worked all that well, except in a few rare circumstances. Repurposing PLR

This is why most people never sell their own products!

If you ask a bunch of Internet marketers why they don't sell their own products online, the number one reason why is ...they don't have enough experience or knowledge to create a product in their chosen niche.

It's a fair enough reason, I guess. After all, if you don't know enough about getting traffic to a website, for example, how can you create a product about it?

What they're missing is this:

Your job as an Internet marketer isn't to be an expert in everything so you can create products about it; it is to sell these products. Your job, essentially, is to sell products. Whether they are your own or someone else's doesn't really matter, as long as you promote products and make sales.

The thing is, it's much easier to sell your own products to your own list.

So how do you get around this problem?

You get other people who actually know what they're talking about to create the products for you. That's right, put your name on them, and sell them as your own, without having to do any of the product creation at all.

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